I would love to hear from you!  You can get in touch with me the following ways:

Email- katiecmccarthy@hotmail dot com

Skype- katiecmccarthy

Mailing Address:

Katie McCarthy
Cuerpo de Paz
Centro Empresarial Las Americas
Calle 77B  #57-141, Oficina 713
Barranquilla, Colombia
I have received a lot of questions about a wish list or things people can send to me.  I can get most things here (or at least a local equivalent).  Plus, it can be expensive to send packages and I don’t want anyone spending a fortune 🙂  However, just like in college, it seems to be somewhat of a tradition to send people care packages and many of you are eager which of course I love and appreciate!  For those of you who are insistent there are some things that are not available here/I can’t afford/I am missing from home and I would always be happy to receive:
UPDATED January 1st, 2014:
I have taken down my wish list because over Christmas my wonderful family came with a suitcase full of everything I need! 
P.S. MIL GRACIAS to the people who have sent me things!  When I open up a package it is like you are here with me and I cherish those things that remind me of home! 
Note: I have had lots of questions about sending mail.  To answer the questions I have been receiving:

-Mail takes between 2-4 weeks from the US to Colombia.
-Make sure you do not declare a large value or I could have to pay a huge amount of money to get it out of customs.  Also labeling the contents as ‘articulos personales’ and writing that on the box makes it less likely to be opened or stolen.  According to my Mama if you keep it under 4 lbs it will be much cheaper for you to send (about half as much)!  Small boxes seem to get here most reliably, then padded envelopes, and small letters/cards seem to get lost a lot.

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