Posted by: pckatie | January 4, 2014

Postcard Project Update!

Here in South America the school year is opposite of the school year in the states.  School starts in mid-January, there is a two week break in June, and the year ends in the beginning of December when students begin their longer ‘summer break’ over Christmas.  This means that we are just about to kick off a new school year in about a week!  It’s nice to know that some things never change, and just like I always was back home, I am excited to get back to school!

As I am spending my last few days of break organizing things for the upcoming (and my last) school year, I realized I am well overdue for an update on the Postcard Project!  As many of you might remember, way back in May I posted about the Postcard Project I am planning to do with my students and I asked for your help.  All I needed was for you to send us a postcard!  Originally I had said I needed at least 30-40 cards so that each student in a class could have one to use.  I posted the request, crossed my fingers, and waited!

Here we are eight months later and MAN did you guys deliver!  I have received 82 postcards from all over the United States and even a few international ones!  A BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project.  I wish I could thank each of you individually, but many of you took the smart route and sent postcards from lots of people in one envelope!  I do have to give a shout out to the people who were some of the biggest contributors.  The Lewis Family in Phoenix, Arizona is a family I grew up babysitting/pet sitting/house sitting for and they collected lots of postcards from so many places!  Susan Mulvaney is the mother of one of my fellow volunteers and was kind enough to contribute many postcards and wrote lots of interesting things for my students to read!  And last but not least, my wonderful mother, who collected a huge stack of postcards from all her friends and coworkers!  Again, a huge thank you to EVERYONE who contributed to this project, it wouldn’t be possible without all of you!

So many postcards!!

So many postcards!!

My students will be so excited, thanks to everyone!

My students will be so excited, thanks to everyone!

As the school year gets started we will begin using the postcards and I will be sure to update with pictures along the way!

Until next time…paz y amor.

P.S. Here is the list of postcards we have recieved:

US States         International 
Alaska (4) Canada
Arizona (4) Stanley Park
Grand Canyon (6) Vancouver
Sedona Ecuador (2)
St. Francis Xavier Church Galapagos Islands
California (2) Quito
Beverly Hills El Salvador
Catalina Island Coatepeque
Los Angeles (2) Mexico
LAX Cabo San Lucas
Redondo Beach Todos Santos
Santa Monica Peru
Florida Lima
Miami (2) Machu Picchu
South Beach (2)
Maui (3)
Nantucket (5)
Shellburne Falls
South Hadley
University of Massachusetts
Minnesota (3)
Las Vegas
New England
New York (3)
Brooklyn Bridge
Niagra Falls  
Peace Bridge  
Radio City Music Hall  
Statue of Liberty  
Times Square
Liberty Bell
South Dakota
Mount Rushmore  
Texas (5)
Johnson Space Center  
San Antonio


  1. I think your project would be a great way for students in both, South America and the USA, to practice their English skills. I teach first grade and would love for my students to communicate with your kids through post cards. I could also ask some teachers from the upper grades to participate, too. Please let me know if you’re interested.
    I really love your idea!

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