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Hola!  I can’t believe I have been living in Santa Marta for a whole MONTH already!  The time flew by as I was busy adjusting to my new city, getting to work in my school, and acquainting myself with the local nature offerings (i.e. going to the beach).  I know I keep promising an update with pictures of my new site and I intend to keep that promise and will fulfill it ASAP!  But first……I need your help!

I am planning to launch a project with some of my students that will be a great opportunity for them to learn about other cultures and parts of the world and I need something from all of my wonderful friends and family back home (and strangers too!).  It is very simple and inexpensive.  All I need is a POSTCARD.  This postcard can be from the city where you live, your college town, a nearby city, or somewhere you are visiting!  On the other side of the postcard just write a little note about the place where the postcard is from and a little something about yourself (i.e. This is Phoenix, Arizona.  It is located in the south western part of the United States.  Arizona is a desert so we have lots of interesting plant and animal life like saguaro cacti and rattlesnakes!  My name is ____ and I have lived in Arizona for  15 years…etc.  Or whatever else you want to write!)  It is best if you put the postcard in an envelope to mail it so it arrives unharmed.  This should cost about $1.00!  I need at least 30-40 postcards so I am serious…it doesn’t matter WHO you are!  If you are family, a friend, someone I haven’t heard from since elementary school, other Peace Corps volunteers, or a complete stranger SEND US A POSTCARD.  Also, send this on to your family members especially if they live in other cities, states, or countries and ask them for their help with this little favor!!  Also, feel free to throw more than one postcard into the same envelope (for example if you want to send postcards from many cities, or if you and your family members want to send postcards from different places all together!)  If you send me a postcard shoot me an email to let me know so I can be on the lookout for it and know if something goes missing!  The hope is to get postcards from all different parts of the US and the world!

To recap:

-Send a postcard from your city, college town, nearby city, city you are visiting, etc.

-Write a little note on the back about the location and yourself (you can include a picture of yourself and family if you want!)

-Put it in an envelope and send it to me here and email me to let me know it’s coming (get together with others to send multiple postcards in one envelope)!

I would REALLY appreciate your help with this project!  I promise to post pictures of my students using the post cards here in Colombia!  There is no definite timeline on this yet, so if you are going on vacation this summer and want to send one from your travels DO IT!  Just let me know!  This will really only work if I get enough post cards so please share with your friends and family!

Everything is going great in my new site and I will update with pictures soon!

Until next time……paz y amor.

Santa Marta CII-4! (Photo credit: Chelsey Payne)

Santa Marta CII-4!
(Photo credit: Chelsey Payne)



  1. Hi Katie. My husband and I are RPCVs – Nicaragua 94-96. I am willing to send you a postcard, but need an address, first! Found your blog by chance as I was checking online to see if PC was in Colombia.

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in sending a postcard! My address is:
    Katie McCarthy
    Cuerpo de Paz
    Centro Empresarial Las Americas
    Calle 77B #57-141, Oficina 713
    Barranquilla, Colombia

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