Posted by: pckatie | July 28, 2012

Peace Corps Packing List

Over the last two years (since I applied for the Peace Corps the first time) I have probably read thousands of blogs and posts on Peace Corps Journals.  As I have made my way through the process I have been interested in different types of post at different milestones in my journey.  At the beginning I was reading all about the interview and application process, then I read endless posts about applicants receiving their invitations, and most recently I have spent my time reading blogs of the volunteers who are currently serving in Colombia.  Now my focus has shifted once again as I am leaving in exactly one month.  I have decided it is time to tackle the packing list. I have been talking with current volunteers, reviewing my invitation packet and the included packing list, as well as making my own list of things I just can’t go two years without.  I have finally put together a packing list and I wanted to share it here since I have found it so helpful to look at the packing lists of other volunteers.  This is by no means a finished product as it changes on a daily basis.  It is almost impossible to know what I will need/won’t need so I am open to suggestions from current volunteers.  I am sure I will end up leaving behind some things I will want and I will undoubtedly bring many things I won’t end up needing.  Qué será, será.

Packing List:
Kelty 65 L Lakota hiking backpack  (check)
FUL Rolling Duffle (check)
Outdoor Daypack (carry on)
Underwear (14) /socks (9)
Bras (5) /Sports Bras (3)
Undershirts (2)
Jeans (1 denim, 1 black)
Capris (black, white, black dress, 2 denim)
Short shorts (white, tan)
Long shorts (black, white)
Athletic shorts (running, cotton)
Skirts (black, white)
Dresses (1 dressy for swearing in/5 casual)
Tshirts (4)
Blouses (How ever many I have left after my garage sale!)
Yoga pants (1capri/1 long)
Bathing suits (2)
Cover up (1)
Jewelry (simple necklaces, probably way more earings than I need)
Cardigan/Shrug (1 of each)
ASU hat 
Shoes: (Most of these I had already and taught in the States in them so I think they should be fine!)
Tevas (for wearing at home/weekends)
Flip flops (shower shoes)
Sandals (tan/black)
Brown flats
Black peep toe flats
Tan peep toe flats
Green Merrill Barefoot (running/hiking shoes)
Black Toms
Brown wedges (these might not make the cut…)
Shampoo/Conditioner (Garnier Fructis Pure Clean…LOVE)
Brush/comb/blow dryer
Facewash (St. Ives Apricot Scrub)
Soap (Dove cucumber)
Hand sanitizer (Bath and Body Works pocket bacs)
Q-tips (travel sized box)
Sunscreen (Neutrogena SPF 70)
Make Up (Compact, mascara, lip gloss)
Lip balm (I can’t go a day without Burt’s Bees)
Tampons/Diva Cup
Tweezers/Nail kit
Bobby pins/hair ties/headbands (more than enough…my hair makes me so hot so I’m sure it will always be up!)
Razor/blades (Venus Spa with the gel blades so I don’t need shave gel)
Deodorant (Secret Clinical Strength waterproof)
Prescription drugs (3 month supply)
Laptop/charger (HP 14inch…thanks to my parents for buying my older and much bigger Dell!)
Ipod nano/charger/headphones
Camera/charger/memory card
Travel alarm clock
Flash drive
Battery charger/rechargeable batteries  (4 AA, 4 AAA)
Surge protector
External hard drive 
Microfiber camping towel (quick dry)
Beach towel (huge one from Costco…may regret this when packing)
Set of 100% cotton sheets
Lint roller/wrinkle releaser 
Combination lock
Brita water bottle/Nalgene/Camelbak
Yoga mat (depending on space…but this is one of those don’t want to live without items!)
Sunglasses (3 cheap pairs)
Propel zero packets/Arnold Palmer packets 
Sleeping bag liner
Women’s One A Day vitamins
Index cards/pens/scissors
Odwalla bars/Cliff bars
20Q (game that takes up virtually no space)
Colombian guidebook
Small purse
Gifts for Host Family: (Not sure about this yet…)
Small Arizona calendar (for parents)
Arizona deck of cards (for parents)
Silly bands?
Well there you have it!  I am a big list maker so I am really happy to have finally written this all down and begun to get it organized.  Luckily I already have much of this and have started to purchase some of the things I need.  Today I spent some time spreading out things I have.  Here it is:

Here are my bags. I am checking the rolling duffel and the large backpack (65 L). I will carry on one of the smaller backpacks but I haven’t decided which size (they are $25 at Walmart…check it out if your looking for something!)


Here is some of the stuff I have so far that I am starting to get together so I have an idea of what I still need! Thanks to my parents for letting me take over the den!

In other Peace Corps news we finally received our staging email yesterday.  It has all the information for making our travel arrangements.  I have yet to do that so I will post again when I have all the details.

Until next time… paz y amor.

PS. Just for fun I thought I’d share this picture.  (Grandma–I am hoping you can see these pictures in your email..I will call and check with you to see how it worked!)

My best friend and I went to a super fun place in Scottsdale called “Brush Bar”. They give you wine and all your materials and instructions on how to paint. Here is my masterpiece…I’m the next Picasso….I know.



  1. I always enjoy a good packing list!

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