Posted by: pckatie | July 21, 2012

Early Birthday Celebration

Not much new on the Peace Corps front… I have about five and a half weeks until I leave for Colombia.  I have finally started to make a little progress in getting organized (at least getting my thoughts organized) as far as what I am planning on bringing and making a list of what I need.  I just spent the last week in Seattle exploring and had a blast. 

I got home on Wednesday evening and my sister picked me up from the airport.  She said we were grabbing pizza on the way home but as it turns out we were going to Mellow Mushroom where my parents were waiting with party decorations on the table that said, “Happy Early Birthday!”  My birthday is on September 10th so I will have been in Colombia for about 2 weeks at that time.  They were planning on celebrating before I left but had to push it forward because of a gift.  They were going to get me a Kindle for my birthday, but since I didn’t know that, and had been wanting one to take with me I was shopping for them myself!  So we had a delicious dinner (if you’ve never tried the Idaho Potato Pie you’re missing out!).  Then we went next door for frozen yogurt (on account of my hatred of cake).  When we got home the whole house was decorated with pink balloons and “Happy Early 23rd Birthday” signs.  In addition, my Dad made a paper link chain countdown that extends from the ceiling to the floor!  I opened gifts which were all wonderful things I can use in Colombia (Kindle, a case for my Kindle, a flashlight, and my personal favorite is a Frog Togg cooling pad (I LOVE these things for staying cool)!  Also, I got a really special gift from my Grandparents.  At their house they have always had a big picture frame at Christmas time with pictures of the four granddaughters from Christmas every year.  My Grandma had a mat made for each of us that holds our pictures from Christmas every year from birth until we were 12!  It was a very special gift and I am so glad I have it.  Basically I have the best family in the world and I don’t know how I am going to say goodbye to them for 2 years! 

I am in California visiting my Grandparents right now and working on setting my Grandma up to recieve email updates from my blog which was the primary reason for this post (she’s quickly becoming a computer whiz….hi Grandma!)  Thats all for now… I should be hearing from the Peace Corps with staging information within the next few weeks and I will update again after that as well as when I get my stuff together to pack! 

Until next time… paz y amor.

P.S. Grandma… if you made it this far I am SO proud of you.  Love you 🙂



  1. Hi Katie!
    I am also about to leave for the Peace Corps. But I am sending you this message because I am Colombian. I just thought I needed to find someone who is assigned to go to my home country.
    About me, I am going to Mozambique this September. So I am pretty much where you are. Just patiently waiting.
    I can really help you out if you want to know more about Colombian culture and the people.
    I am sure you will have a blast there! Not for nothing, but Colombia is really awesome! I am even planning on going before my departure in September because my father and family live there.
    Anyhow, feel free to ask me any questions!

    Buena suerte,

    Maria Fernanda

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