Posted by: pckatie | January 27, 2012

Deja Vu– Invitation in the mail!

So last time I spoke to anyone at PC it was my new placement specialist who told me she hoped to make a final decision by the end of the week (about 2 weeks ago).  I didn’t hear from her and couldn’t come up with an even semi-valid reason to contact her so I twiddled my thumbs and waited.  I expected to hear from her by phone and assumed there would be another phone interview like last time.  This morning I woke to an email that I haven’t seen in a very long time.  The subject line reads: Application Update.  Even though it was 4am and I had time to sleep at least another 30 minutes I jumped out of bed to check it out.  When I finally got logged in (after about 50 failed password attempts) I saw this:

Needless to say I was pretty excited!  I am just wishing it wasn’t sent on a Thursday which pretty much guarantees I will have to wait until next week for it to arrive!  Like I said before I have a pretty strong feeling it will be Colombia, but I am going to keep an open mind until I know for sure.  I feel like this time around I am going into this with somewhat of a guarded heart.  I don’t expect that it would fall through again, but I will always have that memory in the back of my mind.  The good news is… I think I am even more excited this time around 🙂  I will post with the details as soon as the package arrives, wish me luck!

Until next time….. paz y amor.



  1. Wow, this is the first time I read your blog. I began with the Sept 2010 section. After reading you were invited I skipped to Jan 2012, to see how everything was going. I was surprised to see you are now in 2012 receiving an invitation for a different dept date and location due to budget cuts. This def makes me worry as I began my app process back in Mar 2010 and still waiting for an invitation. I have received med clearance, but still waiting to hear from them. I was nominated for Latinamerica apr-jun ’12, the dates are getting closer and I dont have any additional info 😦

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