Posted by: pckatie | September 9, 2011

Reactivation Sucess– Invitee (Kind of…)

So I got everything in to my placement officer and he told me they would review my paperwork and then let me know when they had reached a decision.  I heard back the following day with an email that said my request for reactivation had been approved!  I am being put in a pool of applicants to be considered for placements in the July-September 2012 time frame.  The other change is I am being placed in a primary education position instead of a community/youth development placement.  I am happy either way but primary education is obviously what I am most experienced in.  They said I could expect to hear from them by March 2012.

My toolkit was updated and now it says that I am an invitee but doesn’t say anything about the country.  It’s a long time away and there won’t be any information or updates between now and then, but I am just going to play things by ear and see how it goes.  One little bump in  my path that I didn’t expect is with my parents.  My dad is not supportive of this the second time around.  He believes it will look like I didn’t like teaching and wanted to escape the real world and will make it hard for me to get a job when I return.  I am working on that one…but he is a tough egg to crack!

Tomorrow is my birthday and tonight I am celebrating with my best friends by going to our first ASU football game as official alumni!  Should be fun 🙂

That’s all for now, I will probably update periodically with random information.  Until next time… paz y amor.


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