Posted by: pckatie | September 1, 2011


So I heard back from my placement officer and he gave me the procedure for submitting my request to  reactivate my application.  I need to submit five things:

#1- an updated resume

#2- current job or volunteer supervisor reference

#3- updated motivation statement

#4- availability for placement (date you can begin service)

#5- confirmation that you are willing to be placed ANYWHERE worldwide

Once these five items are submitted my file will be passed on to the person who makes the decision on whether or not to approve my request for reactivation.  If she decides to approve it I will need to submit additional medical, dental, and legal forms.  If she decides no, my only option would be to reapply at the recruitment level.

The only immediate issue that I see is asking my supervisor for a reference.  I don’t think I should ask my principal for a letter of reference basically telling her I would be leaving after this year when it is only September.  Because it is my first year teaching I haven’t really had time to be volunteering anywhere so that eliminates that option.  I am working on a solution to this issue.

So that’s where I am as of now.  I am in the process of writing my updated motivation statement and figuring out a solution to the letter of reference.  I am glad to hear I probably won’t have to go through the whole medical and dental process again, but I am worried because of budget cuts it will be a long time until I can get a placement…that is if I even get approved for reactivation!

In other news I am busy teaching first grade and they are WEARING ME OUT but I absolutely love them.  I am excited to come to work each day and I am so thankful to be able to work doing something I love. Every once and awhile I wonder if  I am making the right choice to leave something that I love so much, but then I realize that I will be teaching for the next 40 years and I can certainly take a 2 year break.  Especially considering I also love volunteering and I will likely be teaching anyways.

That’s all for now…. I will be posting as I get updates.  Until next time, paz y amor.


PS. If anyone else has reactivated an application before and has any advice to share I would love to hear it!



  1. Also…I think it is ironic I am going through this process when I submitted my Peace Corps application the first time exactly one year ago!

  2. Why did you deactivate???

  3. Check my previous posts if you are interested in the whole story, but basically I got a call a few months ago after accepting an invitation that the program was being downsized due to budget cuts and my position was eliminated.

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