Posted by: pckatie | March 30, 2011

Stilll waiting for that wonderful package…

So my placement specialist sent out my invitation last Thursday March 24th and told me it would be here in 5-10 days.  I was hoping (very optimistically) that it would arrive by yesterday because I flew to California this morning and will be here until Sunday.  Unfortunately it did not arrive yesterday as I had hoped.  My last little hope I am clinging to now is that it might come tomorrow and my dad can bring it when he comes to California on Friday.  I am very anxious and it doesn’t help being here with my family telling them that I am invited, but I have no idea where I am going yet!  Crossing my fingers that it comes tomorrow.  I even left the UPS person a nice note asking them to leave it on the porch.

Not much else new..I have been working on securing a copy of Rosetta Stone to start brushing up on those 6 years of Spanish that somehow I have managed to lose the majority of, reading PCJ constantly, and dreaming of the moment I rip that envelope open.  I am on spring break this week but unfortunately it was a different week than all my friends.  I am spending the rest of the week here in California with my family, going to Disneyland tomorrow, and celebrating my grandpa’s 90th birthday this weekend.  Hopefully that will keep me distracted (yeah right!).

Until next time…paz y amor.



  1. Katie! I got my package today… My dad is going to call me and open it via Skype with me tonight… if you want me to let you know the country email me at and I’ll send the details! (I’ve been debating about asking you as well, but read your blog today!) Have fun in California! Hope you hear back soon!

  2. Sort of a small part of the post, but I’d really love to hear how Rosetta Stone works for you if you end up going with it. I’m hoping to join PC once I graduate, but that’s still two years out, and would like to get more spanish under my belt.

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