Posted by: pckatie | March 23, 2011

Placement and Assessment Specialist Contact!!

Apparently my blog post yesterday sent out positive vibrations into the atmosphere that somehow ended up at PC headquarters.  I mentioned yesterday that I had emailed the placement assistant basically to check in and make sure there was nothing I was supposed to be doing at this point besides working on my Spanish and continuing to gain volunteer experience (like I have so much spare time for that…).  I was expecting the typical PC email reply saying something along the lines of, “You need to learn to have patience or you are going to be a terrible volunteer.  Stop emailing me and wait eternally until we contact you.”  (Not usually in such harsh words, but for an anxious applicant it certainly feels that way!) 

To my absolute shock and delight the email I received back said that yes I was correct in that my role right now is to continue working on Spanish and volunteering while waiting patiently.  It went on to say that my application has not fallen off of their “radar screen” and continued to give me the name of my placement and assessment specialist.  As if all of that wasn’t good enough she also said she would forward my email on to my placement specialist so he was included in my inquiry.  I was PSYCHED.

Now, you are not going to believe this, but that is not even the best news!

I have mentioned before my so called “smart” phone that I am convinced is out to ruin my life.  Well it came through once again in its plot.  Yesterday morning it started its spinning wheel of death until it ran its battery out by about 10am.  Which meant I went until 10pm with no phone.  When I woke up this morning my mom practically assaulted me asking why I wasn’t answering my phone last night.  When I explained its plot to ruin my life she excitedly said, “Wait…so you didn’t get any of my texts, or any calls, or any voice mails?”  I (quite groggy as this took place at 5:30am) replied that no, I did not receive any communication via phone after 10am yesterday.  She practically ran to the answering machine and said she thought there was a voicemail I might be interested in.

At this point I had woken up a little bit, intrigued by this oh so important voicemail.  The message said something along the lines of, “Hello Katie.  My name is ____ and I am your placement and assessment specialist calling from Peace Corps headquarters.  I just wanted to contact you to touch base and let you know where things are on our end and see how you are doing.  If you would, please give me a call when you have a chance.”    I could hardly think straight I was so excited!

If anyone is reading this that is not in the process of applying to the Peace Corps, or hasn’t yet made it to this stage of eternal waiting, you are probably wondering if I have lost my mind.  All this excitement over a little phone call that didn’t even give you any information or change anything?  If you are in the process of applying you know that after waiting for MONTHS since being medically cleared, ANY contact is wonderful.

I was a little panicked at first because I missed his call and now I wasn’t sure when I would be able to call him back.  I leave to teach around 7am and then I work after school until around 9pm.  I don’t know exactly what the Peace Corps headquarters business hours are but I am pretty sure they don’t begin before 7am or end after 10pm.  There is the time difference but I was running late and couldn’t figure out a plan quick enough.  I made the decision to shoot him a quick email and let him know I received his phone call and that I don’t have a break that allows me to call today but that I will call him tomorrow to follow up.  I asked if there was a time that is best to reach him but I didn’t hear back.

From this point I am not sure what will happen.  I have heard of people who called and had their final interview right then and there and an invitation was in the mail the same day.  I have heard of others who just touched based and had to continue waiting much longer.  There is really no guarantee at this point, but then again there never really has been throughout this whole process.

I apologize for the longest post ever but I was just so excited I had to share.  I am hoping for some good news when I speak with him tomorrow (i.e. my program hasn’t been canceled, they are going to send me an invitation, etc.) but at this point I will take ANY news, bad or good!   I would love to hear from some other applicants/volunteers about what happened when they contacted their placement specialist the first time!  I will update as soon as I get in touch with him tomorrow (hopefully!). 

As always, paz y amor.


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