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No new updates from Peace Corps (although I am still waiting with baited breath) but I like to try and post every once and awhile to stay connected (just in case reading every single applicant post every day isn’t keeping me connected enough). 

Anyways I am interested in something that was sparked by a post on another applicant’s blog.  This blog has been viewed thousands of times and each time I publish a new post it often gets hundreds of views that day alone.  I am interested to know who these readers are!  The other applicant who posed this question created a poll but since I am not the technological genius she quite obviously is, I can’t  do anything quite that fancy.

This is what I ask of you… please comment on this post and leave your name (first is fine!), who you are (applicant, volunteer, returned volunteer, friend of PC, someone I know personally, etc.), and any other info you would like to share like where you are from, where you are nominated for, where you are serving, etc!  I am very interested to see this so please take a few seconds to leave a comment!

 I have been so happy these past few weeks seeing so many people receive their invitations, congratulations!  Everyone else keep hanging in there I am excited to see where everyone ends up 🙂

Thats all for now, paz y amor.


EDIT: I forgot to say Happy Valentine’s Day.  Know that no matter who you are someone cares about you 🙂  Also feel free to subscribe to my blog!  Look on the right hand sidebar and click subscribe to recieve updates when I publish a new post!



  1. I’m a PC invitee. I leave for Kenya May 30 (woo hoo!!!). I am invited to serve as an HIV/AIDS and Hygiene Educator. I’m originally from Arkansas but have been living in NYC for 5 years now. Um, so that’s about it. I have loved reading your blog and wish you the best of luck! I can’t wait to hear where you go!

  2. I’m Sarah!! PC nominee, medically cleared and awaiting placement. I was originally nominated for Central or Sourh America for March, that isn’t happening, so I guess it’s all up in the air. The only thing I feel positive about is that they won’t change my sector, agriculture. With two college degrees in the field, I think it would be silly to want me to work in any other sector.

    I enjoy your blog and wish you lots of luck!

  3. I’m Jenni! A PC nominee for Environmental and Water Resources Engineering in Central or South America leaving in August-September 2011. As someone focusing on water resources for my undergrad, I expect my invite to remain either as is or maybe changed to a Water and Sanitation Extension, depending on what is available. Currently waiting for Medical Clearance. They’ve had my paperwork for about 10 days and already dentally cleared, so fingers crossed! I’m originally from Florida, but living in NYC for college (Hi Cory, fellow New Yorker!)

  4. We are a couple who have passed all the hurdles. We were originally nominated for Environmental Ed (me) and Primary Teacher Educator (my wife) for C/S America leaving in June. We could not leave early enough(late May) so have been deferred to later in August/Sept to a Special Project; primarily Ag related. We won’t know where or exactly what until late April early May.
    We live in Calif; have three adult children and live in a rural community.
    Due to current employment concerns we have not shared our identity on Blogs or our story with but a few people.
    We are very anxious to hear more from our placement officer.

  5. Hello hello! I’m Kelsey, an applicant (nominated for education in SSA this July, just passed medical the other day) and I obsessively check out the PC Journals page… like everyone else awaiting invites, haha.

  6. Hi! I’m Jill. I’m an applicant as well nominated for education in Eastern Europe May 2011. New to the blogging thing so I’m glad to meet people going through the application process! Best of luck — keep us updated!

  7. Hi 🙂 I’m Claire, nominated for secondary English teacher training in Central/South America in September. I’m originally from California, but have been living in a small town in Japan for 2.5 years.

    Best of luck, and I’ll be keeping an eye here to see how things go for you!

  8. Hi – – – My name is Lew. I live near Philadelphia, PA. I was nominated for Youth Development, and I was medically cleared last December to serve in C/S America or Caribbean to depart in Jan/Feb/Mar 2011. Well, that is obviously not happening, so I am awaiting contact from a Placement officer.

    I have taken an early retirement and I will be SWOS (another PC acronym – – Serving Without Spouse) as my wife is a few years younger and not ready to retire from her career. However, if my PC service goes well, we hope to serve together at some point. While waiting, I would like to find other older applicants or PCVs. (My PC Journal is at:

  9. Howdy! I’m Heidi and I hail from the great state of Washington. I’ve been invited to Rwanda, leaving in early May. Currently I’m a public health professional and I will be doing something along those lines in Rwanda as well.

  10. Hey! I’m Kyleen and I am nominated for C/S America for June doing English Teacher Trainer. I am trying to be patient while I wait to hear back about the medical stuff… keyword: trying!! I graduate this May with my Masters and work on a college campus. I love reading your blog, and good luck!!

  11. Hi I’m Jacque (pronounced like Jackie 🙂 I’m nominated for Business Advising for a Spanish speaking country in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic) leaving mid-July or mid-August. I’m currently waiting on medical clearance and this is my second go around with peace corps. I was invited to serve in Ukraine teaching English Sept of 09. I currently live in TN! Best of luck!!

  12. Hi I’m Meredith. I’m nominated for secondary science education teaching in sub-saharan Africa leaving in September…. currently trudging through the medical process, reading blogs to help keep me sane 🙂 I’m from Washington state, working on my BS in biology/anthropology!

  13. Hello! I am Ashley and I am finishing my sophomore year in college. I spent last summer in Africa working with an NGO for 2 months and have done 3 service trips to Central American countries (Honduras & Nicaragua).

    I have been thinking about joining the Peace Corps since my senior year of high school but for the past 10 or so months I have known I want to join 100%. I have been doing nothing but dreaming about eventually (hopefully) becoming a PCV (literally..I have all the books and obsessively read PCV blogs/training material at all hours of the day/night).

    I will be starting the application process in about a year so its been great being able to follow the timeline and way everything goes! Thank you so much for all of your helpful information :)!

  14. Hi! I just got nominated for the Peace Corps in the education sector leaving in August of 2013! I know the application process is changing a little bit, so unfortunately I didn’t receive a region in my e-mail, but I’m super excited either way!

  15. Congratulations! Feel free to email me if you have any questions 🙂 My email is katiecmccarthy at

  16. Hi there! I’m Marissa, recent college grad from upstate NY, currently floating around DC doing internships and such. I just had my Peace Corps interview today (eeeeepp!!) and I must say I think I have already developed Restless Applicant Syndrome! I’ve been reading blogs, etc. pretty much all day, and I’m starting to get really excited. Like you, I speak Spanish and am passionate about Latin America, so I indicated the region as my preference. Most likely English education, departure June/July 2013.

    Thanks for all the helpful information!! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  17. Great to hear from you and congratulations on completing your interview! Can’t wait to hear where you end up 🙂 Good luck and feel free to contact me with any questions! My email is katiecmccarthy at

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