Posted by: pckatie | February 6, 2011

Every little thing helps…

So no earth shattering developments on the Peace Corps front, but I like to post every once and awhile anyways to stay connected.  On January 15th I sent in my updated resume to the placement assistant and was told I should wait to hear from my PO.  A few days ago it dawned on me that in my updated resume I added my student teaching experience but I did not indicate what the demographics of my classroom are.  I am currently completing my student teaching in a kindergarten classroom with 13 English language learners (11 speak Spanish as their primary language, 1 Bosnian, and 1 Punjabi).  I am not really sure how it slipped my mind to include this in my updated resume (as I am nominated to teach in a C/S American country the fact that I am currently teaching in a bilingual classroom might be of importance to the PC people whos hands my fate rests upon).    I added this new information to my resume and emailed the women who asked for my updated resume and explained what had happened.  I can’t lie…I hoped that when she emailed me back she would also say something like, “Oh and we are also ready to do your placement interview with you and then send you an invitation.” 

No such luck.  She emailed me back and thanked me for the new information and commented that it is indeed very helpful information to have in my file.  She would pass it on to my placement officer and I should hear from them in the near future.  So for now, I wait.

Student teaching has been keeping me beyond busy so it is a welcome distraction from spending every waking minute thinking about Peace Corps.  It seems strange to be so obsessed with something, but the reality of it is that Peace Corps holds my future in its hands and you can’t help but to wonder how you are going to be spending the next two and a half years of your life.

Until next time (hopefully soon with contact from PO!)… paz y amor.


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