Posted by: pckatie | January 25, 2011

RAS with no good reason!

So I’ve noticed a lot of blog posts popping up on PCJ lately talking about RAS (restless applicant syndrome).  I find myself commiserating with these people and definitely feeling my own bout of RAS.  The difference, however, is that many of these people have been waiting incredibly long amounts of time to move between each step of the application process.  I, on the other hand, seem to have moved fairly quickly for the most part!  So I am going to stop my whining about wanting to hear from placement and accept the fact that it probably will be the 2-6 weeks I was told (if not longer!) before I hear anything.  I admire so many future volunteers who have been so patient throughout what can be an excruciatingly long process with numerous setbacks and changes.  Bravo!

On another note (because I find myself wanting to blog even when I have nothing of interest to say) I have seen some blogs where people post all of the countries they have been to and those they would like to visit.  I don’t really want this on my sidebar or as its own page but I suppose I could devote this post to the list (for lack of a better subject).  I am lucky to have traveled a lot over the years starting at a very young age.  I did a study abroad in Costa Rica my my freshman year of college and that really changed my outlook on travel.  Although I have always considered myself a bit of a wanderlust with a serious case of the travel bug, my trip to Costa Rica opened new doors within travel that I had not really experienced fully before that trip.  I spent more time in small towns and really got to know the culture and people of the country and it made me want to really experience the places I travel instead of just seeing them.  So with that here is my list of places I have been and places on my wish list:

Places I have Been:

The Bahamas, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Haiti, Italy, Jamaica, Monaco, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, England, Spain, Sweden, and Russia

Places (just a few) that I really want to go:

Egypt, Greece, Nepal, Peru, Ecuador, Cambodia, Brazil, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, Panama, South Africa, Uganda

Realistically I would love to go everywhere.  My grandparents have seen a serious chunk of the world and have some amazing stories especially since they are both nearly 90 which means much of their traveling was done in the 40s-50s.  One of the most amazing stories is when they went to Russia and went to a park (not many people traveled to Russia back then as you might imagine).  They were sitting on a park bench and a woman came and sat on the bench behind them.  She asked them not to turn around because she couldn’t be seen talking to them, but asked them if they could tell her a little bit about their lives in America.  I think about what a big world it is and how some places are so different than what I am used to… and then I think about the world 60 years ago when my grandparents were exploring it and how in comparison to that the world today is really a lot smaller than I sometimes think. 

So anyways the reason I started this post was to say that there is no news on the PC front but I am exercising my patience skills and being content with waiting.  I am student teaching right now 8 hours a day and I have completely taken over so I am writing all of the lesson plans and teaching all day long.  Then on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I go to work in the evening.  So my schedule is something like wake up at 5:30, leave for school at 7:00, leave school at 3:30, work 4-9, drive home and go to bed by 10, wake up and do it all over again.  Needless to say I am pretty busy which will keep my mind occupied (at least a little bit!).

I have read a few posts from some blogs I have been following pretty regularly for awhile and some people have gotten their invitations, are preparing for departure, or have left and I am so excited for each and every one of them.

Good luck to everyone 🙂

Until next time, paz y amor.

EDIT: I love love love reading everyone’s comments so keep them coming 🙂



  1. Hey! I actually can relate to feeling restless even though my cycle is going fairly smoothly. I am very thankful for this, but it’s easy to get worried and wonder what’s going on in D.C.! Anyways, just wanted to share, they told me 2-6 weeks and I heard from my PO in a week and a half! Just had my final assessment yesterday and now am waiting on her email telling me if she has found me a spot. Crazy! But here’s to hoping you hear as quickly as I did! And here’s to hoping I hear for sure soon too. Good luck.

  2. Thank you! I have followed you too! I find it pretty amazing how this process has brought me to know so many people’s lives by reading blogs of strangers. It is strange, but we are all so much alike and you can not help but appreciate the company of these like-minded individuals experiencing the same ups and downs! Good luck!!

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