Posted by: pckatie | January 4, 2011

Medical Update!

First and foremost, Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a great holiday season and that the new year is off to a great start!

I have been busy as a bee the last few weeks because my holiday season also includes my entire immediate family’s birthdays!  December 23 my Dad turned 60, December 24th is Christmas Eve, December 25th is Christmas, the my Mom and sister’s birthdays are both on January 3rd but we celebrated my sister’s on December 28th in Vegas and celebrated my Mom’s on Jan 2nd in Flagstaff then celebrated both again on their real birthday!  Needless to say the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of celebrations and festivities.  I enjoyed the distraction, however, because despite my best efforts Peace Corps related thoughts dominate a large part of my time which is difficult since I still have a good 6 months until my anticipated departure!!

As you know from my last posts,  I submitted my medical and dental packet in the beginning of December.  Peace Corps received it on Dec 17th and I had dental clearance the very next morning.  I also had the message that I knew was inevitable but dreaded seeing nonetheless that informs applicants that “If the program you are nominated for is not scheduled to leave in the next 4 months you may not hear from Medical until the time of departure is closer. Currently those programs scheduled to leave in the next 4 months are being reviewed.”

So I accepted the fact that there would be a good chance I wouldn’t hear another word from Peace Corps until March when they might begin reviewing my medical kit.  I woke up this morning with my all time favorite type of email on my phone with the subject line “Peace Corps toolkit update”!  (I think they send these emails overnight on purpose so that you can wake up to a nice little surprise!)  Even though it is 7:15am and I don’t have anywhere to be until 9am I jumped out of bed and ran to the computer. 

From all of my Peace Corps research and extensive blog stalking I expected the update to be a hold on my medical (meaning they are reviewing it).  To my surprise the change looked like this:

Complete?!?  It never even changed to ‘under review’ or ‘hold’!  And why in the world must they continue submitting us poor applicants to the torture of updating our toolkits to say “a decision has been reached” but you have to wait to know what it is until the snail mail arrives.  Torture!  So now I am bursting with excitement tinged with a tiny bit of anxiety because there is always the off chance that something is wrong with my medical (although I highly doubt it!).

I would love to hear from other applicants, did your medical get decided this quickly?  What comes next?  What needs to happen to get a check next to placement?  Leave me a comment or email me at k a  t h e r i n e . c . m c c a r t h y @ a s u . e d u (without the spaces obviously, I just don’t want a bunch of spam!)

I will update again as soon as the letter arrives (which I hope is soon for the sake of my sanity!).  Until then.. paz y amor.



  1. I am completely jealous. My nomination is for July. I turned in my medical paperwork in the middle of OCTOBER and I still haven’t been assigned a nurse!

  2. Stefanie: Thats crazy! I would love to know how they do this stuff because you literally NEVER know what to expect! I know we are supposed to be patient so I try to avoid calling, but every once and awhile when my anxiety gets the best of me I end up calling! I usually say something like, “I just wanted to make sure you didn’t need something else from me!” Best of luck, I hope you hear from them soon!

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