Posted by: pckatie | October 30, 2010

Medical Packet Arrived!

As we move farther into the 21st century our lives seem to become more fast paced with each passing day.  I am questioning the term ‘snail mail’ and wondering if even the good old postal service is changing with the times.  I received word my medical packet was sent on October 27th (the day before yesterday).  I reminded myself that it was coming in the mail and not to get my hopes up since it would likely take a few days (and wouldn’t be delivered on Sunday).  I was planning on receiving it sometime next week.  Now, when I say this I am not really being truthful because the impatient child like side of me has been running like a kid waiting for Christmas.  I actually went as far as asking my Dad if any mail had come the same night the packet was sent.  Someone gave me a good piece of advice to make it through this application process with my mental health intact.  She said, “Expect everything to take a really long time, and that way if it happens quickly you will be pleasantly surprised!”  I have been doing my best to keep this in mind and apparently it works because I received my medical packet in the mail today just two days after it was sent!  Unfortunately I have an 8 hour professional development seminar tomorrow (which I might add I have to wake up at 5am on a Saturday for) so I won’t be able to look over it in-depth until Sunday.  My Monday morning class is canceled so I am planning on using that time to set up my appointments and get this show on the road! 

Here is the medical kit (this should only take a few years to sort through..)

Side note:  I recorded the Daily Show from the other night when Obama was on it and just watched it.  Those who know me will understand how excited I was to see two of my favorite men on one show (too bad Anderson Cooper and/or Harry Potter couldn’t have made guest appearances).  When Obama mentioned the Peace Corps I was so excited (my reaction probably would have been more appropriate if he had said Katie McCarthy I would like to personally congratulate you on applying to the Peace Corps and would like to invite you to the White House to celebrate) but regardless I was happy to hear him mention it 🙂

 I am starting a list on my Timeline page of all of the costs incurred throughout this process.  These will mainly be medical expenses and I will include how much I was reimbursed by Peace Corps and might include a few other things.  I saw this on another applicants blog and I like the idea.

Thats all for now, I will update as I work through the medical kit.  Wish me luck!

Have a safe and fun Halloween weekend! Paz y amor.



  1. ❤ me some AC and Jon Stewart. Maybe in a not so platonic way… also, be careful putting your address on the internet! You may have already thought that through, but just in case you over looked it!

  2. Hey 🙂 I just saw your comment from the other day, blogspot has a thing where you can check your blog’s stats, so I can see how many people visit and there’s a map that colors in what countries they’re in. My blog is only on PC Journals, I haven’t shared it with my family or friends yet (I’ll probably share via facebook once I find out what country I’m going to.) But I do read and comment on a lot of other blogs, so that probably links people back to mine as well 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Hey Liz,
    Thanks for the heads up! I got so excited, I didn’t even think about that but its fixed now so thanks for reminding me haha. Thats cool blogspot tells you where visitors are from! Maybe wordpress does and I just can’t figure it out. I am doing the same, my family doesn’t have the blog yet until I get an invitation but I do get quite a few readers from peacecorpsjournals!

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