Posted by: pckatie | October 28, 2010


Last night I was sitting at Paradise Bakery having dinner and the loving the beautiful Fall weather that is the reason we Arizonians suffer through three months of temperatures that compare to those on the face of the sun.  My parents and I were  enjoying conversation when I felt my phone vibrate.  I scrambled to get it out of my purse (I’m nearly certain the people at nearby tables thought I was loosing my mind in front of their eyes) and when I saw the subject of the email I just about screamed.  I am going to get to the point here (in case the title of this post wasn’t straight forward enough for you)… I had received an email with my official nomination!!

I have been nominated for a position in Youth Development/Primary English Teaching/Training, in Central/South America, with an anticipated departure date of June 2011!

To sum up my feelings in a few words.. I couldn’t be more thrilled.  First, I would have been happy with any position within education but I am so excited about the possibility of working in primary education as it will be great experience for future jobs (I hope to teach kindergarten).  Also I like the idea of actually teaching English to the kids as well as working training primary teachers and sharing some of the new curriculum, ideas, and methodologies I have learned in my teacher preparation program.  I was under the impression all of the Peace Corps education programs were working with older students and adult students.  I was excited to learn that the primary education programs are grouped with youthdevelopment programs which is how I overlooked it!  Second, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a strong desire to serve in a Central or South American country.  Of course I would be willing to serve anywhere my skills could be of use but anyone who knows me can tell you that I have a passion for Latin American people and culture.  That said, I just about fell out of my chair when I opened up the email with a nomination for Central/South America.  The anticipated departure date isn’t a huge deal to me.  I told my recruiter I needed to leave between mid May and the beginning of September because otherwise I would have to sign a teaching contract.  Within that range I don’t really have a preference of when I leave.  By leaving in June I might have a shot of getting a late hire teaching job when I return in September 2013, so that would be a plus but not a guarantee!

It’s a strange feeling because at this point I feel pretty positive this is going to become a reality.  On the other hand, they make it very clear that nothing is a guarantee in this process and things can change in an instant.  All I can do is continue to roll with the punches and keep my mantra in mind (Que sera, sera). 

The next step is medical, dental, and legal clearance.  I got notification that my packet was mailed out this morning. This step of the process entails many doctors visits and completing what I hear is a huge packet of information which often takes ages to be processed which in turn leaves applicants hanging in limbo waiting for their fate to be decided.  Sounds fun right? 

Believe it or not I am actually enjoying every form, phone call, email, and essay involved in this process because every little step I take is a step on the path towards the journey of a lifetime…and there is no other path I would rather be on.

Thats all for now, paz y amor.



  1. Congratulations!!!!! Your nomination sounds so exciting, I’m also nominated for teacher training, but I hope to work with youth organizations too 🙂 I just sent my medical packet last week and my best advice is to a) be as organized as possible so that nothing is overlooked, 2) get as much of the little things out of the way as you can so that when you reach the end you’re only waiting on one or two big things instead of the little things that are easy to knock out. and 3) READ the forms multiple times, like 8 or 9, so that you know EXACTLY what needs to be put where. My experience at the doctors was that they were trying to get me in and out as fast as possible, and I was literally pointing at blanks and telling the doctor what to put where. Best of luck!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the great advice, I love hearing from other applicants so I can move through this as smoothly as possible! Good luck getting medically cleared, hopefully its super fast 🙂

  3. Congrats!!! Medical is a fun time, I remember just being woke from getting my wisdom teeth removed. In a drugged up haze I was trying to ask if they filled out the peace corps papers. I am not sure if I was making sense. But still regardless of what state I was in I made my dad stop on the way home to mail the forms! lol

  4. Yay!!!! Congrats! I agree with Liz, double check everything and ask to see the lab requests prior to getting blood drawn to make sure that they are requesting test for everything (Hep B, Hep C, HIV, etc) all at once to make sure you don’t have to keep getting blood drawn every other week. Luckily I have a really great doctor that was very thorough and would often call me to discuss an issue. Welcome to the long wait!!

  5. Yes, double what Cory said on checking the lab requests… there are THREE separate Hep B tests, and when I said something about “the three Hep B tests” my nurse was like.. “yep yep yep we’ll do this one and it’ll get all three” as in Hep A,B,C… I had to fight to get her to understand that they were looking at Hep B from three different perspectives.

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