Posted by: pckatie | October 23, 2010

The Call…

Some of you might remember from one of my previous posts that in my interview the recruiter said, “You will probably hear from me within the week”.  I am beginning to learn that these types of statements are more arbitrary and completely random niceties that often have no possible chance of actually happening.  This week was three weeks after my interview so I decided I had better contact my recruiter.  Everyone told me to wait until Friday but my excitement/anxiousness/impatience got the best of me and I emailed him yesterday (check my last post for specifics).  He called me on Thursday and I missed the call while at work but he said he would call me on Friday to discuss placement options. 

I woke up Friday morning, checked to make sure my phone was fully charged, then super glued it to my hand.  Okay so I didn’t literally glue it to my hand, but it certainly felt that way!  I have a Blackberry Storm and for anyone out there who has one I’m sure you can sympathize with the feeling I so often experience when the screen on my phone freezes every single time I have an important call/email/text/etc. coming in.  As you might guess, right as my recruiter called my so called “smart” phone decides to freeze up.  Just to torture me it still vibrates and rings so I have no doubt that I am missing the phone call I have waited all day for, but it absolutely will not let me answer.  My frustration was further exacerbated when it unfreezes, I see I have a voicemail, and it won’t let me check it!  I have every intention of heading to the Verizon store today to give them a piece of my mind (which usually ends in me being even more frustrated and my phone still not working).

Anyways, back to my update.  I called my recruiter back and apologized for missing his call.  He asked if I had a pen and paper and then said he would pull up the programs.  I got the feeling this was the first time he was looking at them and considering my application.  He asked me when I could leave and then pulled up June programs.  He gave me the following options all leaving in June 2011:

Asia- Primary English Teaching

Eastern Europe- Primary Teacher Training

Sub Saharan Africa- Primary Teacher Training/Health Education

Central/South America- Primary Teacher Training/Youth Development

Before he gave me the Central/South America option he asked if I  have any Spanish language ability.  I was a little disheartened since I spent my entire interview and wrote both of my essays talking about my extensive Spanish language training, experience with Latin American population, study abroad, etc.  He told me to think it over and then send him an email with my first three choices ranked in order.

I got off the phone and my mom and I got on the computer right away to check out the Eastern European and Asian countries.  Of course Central/South America was top on my list so it was just a matter of ranking the other two.  I excluded Africa right away because when discussing my joining the Peace Corps initially with my parents they expressed concern about Africa.  I understood their concern and also had some concerns of my own.  While there are places in Africa I would love to be placed there are a lot of places I know my parents would be uncomfortable with me going and I want to have their support.  After looking up the regions I found:

Eastern Europe: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and the Kyrgyz Republic

Asia: Cambodia, China, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia

I ranked the regions Central South America, then Eastern Europe, then Asia.  In my email I also reiterated my strong preference for Central South America, especially because I would love to also work in youth development. 

I was really excited and relieved because I was under the impression I was waiting to hear from him on whether or not the Peace Corps would accept me, I didn’t realize I was waiting for placement options!

Thats all for now, I hope to hear from my recruiter soon and I will post again then!

Paz y amor


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