Posted by: pckatie | September 28, 2010


I have been following a young woman named Emilie’s blog for some time now.  I started reading it when she was in the beginning stages of the application process and continue to read it now that she is serving in El Salvador.  Honestly, her blog is one of the things that really helped me make the final decision to apply to the Peace Corps.  I emailed her last week to tell her that she has been somewhat of an inspiration for me (and my blog!) but I didn’t really expect a response (I mean she’s in El Salvador for crying out loud!).  To my surprise I heard back from her very quickly!  She gave me a great piece of advice, “Expect things to take a long time – and then if they don’t, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”  Well these words couldn’t have worked for me any faster!  I expected that once I sent in my application it would take awhile until I got an interview….until I heard from my recruiter yesterday telling me he would like to set up an interview!

So it is official… I have my interview this Friday, October 1st at 10:00am!  I am very excited (well this is one of the many reasons I am excited..) because I thought I would have to do an interview over the phone which was going to be a bit of a bummer because I feel like you can’t let your personality shine over the phone.  So lucky for me my interview is right here on ASU’s campus in the Center for Global Education Services which is an office I happen to be very familiar with from my extensive research on all the possible study abroad/exchange/volunteer abroad programs I have looked into over my years at ASU.

Okay, so my title might have been a little bit of a tease since there isn’t REALLY an update other than scheduling my interview but that feels like a huge milestone for me!  I am surprisingly not as nervous for the interview as I thought I would be, but talk to me again the night before or morning of and I’m sure I will be popping Tums like candy 🙂  I don’t want to sound presumptuous but I feel like I have a lot of the qualifications Peace Corps is looking for and I am certainly dedicated and enthusiastic about service so I think I have a fighting chance.  I just keep reminding myself that it is very competitive.  So wish me luck, I will update again after my interview 🙂


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