Posted by: pckatie | September 19, 2010

Where I Am Now

Now that I have covered some of the Peace Corps fundamentals (what it is, why I want to join, the application process) I am going to shift into a more “blog like” routine.  So far in my application process I already have one regret!  I completed my application back in the end of July and unfortunately for a couple of different reasons I JUST got my recommendations finished and all submitted four days ago.  Little did I know you can actually submit your application BEFORE you submit your references.  Oops!  I spoke with a recruiter and he said that it should be okay, September is not too late to apply for programs leaving next May-October 2011 (which is the time frame for when I am able to leave for service).  The reason for the tight time frame is because I need get a job teaching if Peace Corps doesn’t work out and unfortunately schools have this rigid time schedule (really, why is it necessary for ALL schools to start in August and September?! Don’t they know I am trying to join the Peace Corps!) 

Anyways, so where I am now is I submitted my application four days ago.  Two days ago I received an email from my recruiter saying he had received my application and reviewed it carefully.  One of the things he was concerned about was that my application showed a strong preference for Central or South America.  He reminded me that Peace Corps cannot guarantee a placement in a specific region, and needed to know that I would be willing to serve other places.  I emailed him back to let him know that I showed a preference for Latin America because of my background experience and Spanish language ability but that of course I am committed and willing to serve wherever my skills can be best utilized.

So now I am waiting to hear from a recruiter about my interview.  Because the closest recruiting office is in Los Angeles, I assume I will be doing an interview over the phone.  However there is a Peace Corps info session at ASU this week so I am secretly hoping they call and say the recruiter can do my interview while he is her (wishful thinking, I know!)  I just always think that if a person can put a name with a face they are much more likely to remember it! 

My postings are probably going to be somewhat sporadic over the next few months as I progress through my application process (remember it will tak 6-12 months) and mostly it is just a waiting game.  I may occasionally update with other random happenings but I want my main focus to remain Peace Corps oriented so don’t hold your breath for frequent posts (I know you were…) 

Until next time, paz y amor.


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